Tim Langlois, Jordan Goetze, Todd Bond, Jacquomo Monk, Rene A. Abesamis, Jacob Asher, Neville Barrett, Anthony T. F. Bernard, Phil J. Bouchet, Matthew J. Birt, Mike Cappo, Leanne M. Currey-Randall, Damon Driessen, David V. Fairclough, Laura A.F. Fullwood, Brooke A. Gibbons, David Harasti, Michelle R Heupel, Jamie Hicks, Thomas H. Holmes, Charlie Huveneers, Daniel Ierodiaconou, Alan Jordan, Nathan A. Knott, Hamish A. Malcolm, Dianne McLean, Mark Meekan, David Miller, Peter J. Mitchell, Stephen J. Newman, Ben Radford, Fernanda A. Rolim, Benjamin J. Saunders, Marcus Stowar, Adam N. H. Smith, Michael J. Travers, Corey B. Wakefield, Sasha K. Whitmarsh, Joel Williams & Euan S. Harvey

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Chapter Contents
Platform Description
Cameras and photogrammetry
Deployment time
Sampling Design
Field Logistics
Supp 2: Stereo-BRUV design variations
Supp 3: Field methodology checklists
Pre-field work
End of day checks
Image Annotations
Annotation metadata
Abundance estimates
Body-size measurements
Supp 5: Recommended stereo-measurement length rules for EventMeasure
Interoperable and reproducible annotations
Habitat classification
Quality control and data curation
Data storage, discoverability and release
Supp 6: Australian standards for data management, release, and discoverability of stereo-BRUV data
Supp. 7: Australian national BRUV working group, as of May 2020.
Field Manual Maintenance

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